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Taos Soil and Water Conservation District would like to acknowledge the following professionals and entities for their assistance with conservation programs and District operations during the past year:

Max Martinez Wildlife Services
Kurt Swearingen Fire Program
Danny Ruiz Acequia Program
Ron Gervason Water Program
Ernie Lopez Conservation Education
Taos Valley Acequia Association Acequia Outreach
Portage Engineering Acequia GIS
Art Arias NRCS District Conservationist
Vernon Mirabal NRCS Soil Conservation Technician
Melissa Martinez NRCS Farm Bill Specialist
Katie Mechenbier Wrye NMDA Soil & Water Specialist 


NM Soil and Water Conservation Commission
Northern New Mexico RC & D Council
New Mexico Association of Conservation Districts
Taos County Commission
Taos County Assessor's Office
Taos County Treasurer's Office
Taos County Clerk's Office
Town of Taos

A special and sincere acknowledgement to all District cooperators and other individuals and organizations that make natural resource conservation possible.