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Conservation Education and Outreach

  • TaosEnvirothonTeam2008In 2010-11, District Education Coordinator Ernie Lopez continued to work with local schools to promote natural resource conservation. Over 500 students per month in the locations of Ojo Caliente, Penasco, Costilla, Ranchos de Taos, Taos Pueblo, Taos and Questa were introduced to this conservation based curriculum. The curriculum, titled Food, Land & People (FLP) is a nationally accredited educational tool for grades K through 12. It spans several disciplines such as Science, Math, Social Studies and English while stressing natural resource conservation concepts.

  • Taos SWCD uses a variety of places and events to educate the public about soil and water conservation. The District display booth was featured at the following events: Taos County Fair (August 2010), Taos County Economic Development Corporation Landowner Forum (September 2010), New Mexico Association of Conservation Districts summer and fall conferences (July 2010 & October 2010), Taos SWCD Annual Meeting (March 2011), NM Legislature Soil & water Conservation Day (March 2011), Taos County Firewise Summit (March 2011) & the TCEDC Rancher Forum (April 2011).

  • EarthDay2006

     Taos SWCD staff made presentations regarding District activities & programs to the Taos County Commission Work Study (July 2010), New Mexico Association of Conservation Districts State Meeting (October 2010), NMACD Region II Meeting (November 2010), NM Acequia Association (December 2010), Taos SWCD Annual Meeting (March 2011), NM Legislature SWCD Day (March 2011), Taos County Firewise Summit (March 2011), TCEDC Ranchers Forum (April 2011) & the Taos Municipal School Board (April 2011).

  • Taos SWCD participated in National Soil Stewardship Week in April of 2011. The District combined Soil Stewardship Week and Arbor Day and visited all 5th and some 6th grade students, providing them with conservation materials based on the theme “Forests For People More Than You Can Imagine”. Activity sheets, pencils, and tree seedlings were stuffed in a recyclable grocery bag with the Taos Soil & Water Conservation District logo and contact information.

  • A USDA/Wildlife Service’s consultant was available on Fridays at the District office during the 2010-11 fiscal year. Wildlife Services provides technical assistance to landowners with regard to animal damage problems. The District continued to fund a full-time wildlife damage expert for Taos and surrounding areas during this same time period.

  • The District Newsletter was published on a quarterly basis during the past operating year.RangeTour2004

  • Free noxious and invasive weed identification books and calendars were available at the District office throughout the entire year.

  • Taos SWCD co-sponsored the fourth annual New Mexico Envirothon competition held in the Manzano Mountains at the Inlow Baptist camp in April of 2011. Envirothon is a hands-on education competition for high school students. Taos SWCD also sponsored 2 teams to compete from Taos High School. The Taos team “The Earthletes” qualified to compete in the National Canon Envirothon in New Brunswick, Canada. Taos SWCD sponsored several Geology field trips throughout various areas of Taos and vicinity in 2010-11.

  • Taos Soil & Water Conservation District received the maximum score allowed for the New Mexico Soil & Water Commission Point System.

  • The District held the 2nd annual Celestino Romero Conservation Education Camp in July of 2010. The event was held at the Loma Verde Presbyterian Camp located east of Taos. The Camp promoted soil & water conservation and had presenters from Taos SWCD, US Forest Service, BLM, NRCS & the Farm Service Agency. The camp attendance was about 60 students (middle school) from all areas of the county along with 11 teachers and 9 presenters.CEC2009AgencyVoluteers

  • Staff attended the NM Association of Conservation Districts summer meeting in July of 2010.

  • Supervisors & staff attended the NACD Southwest/Pacific Region meeting in September of 2010.

  • A Supervisor attended the National Bioneers Conference in September or 2010.

  • In October of 2009, supervisors & staff attended the NMACD winter meeting.

  • In November of 2010, Supervisors & staff attended the NMACD Region II meeting.

  • Supervisors attended the Quivira Coalition Conference in December of 2010. A Supervisor attended the NM Acequia Association Congresso in December of 2010.

  • District Supervisors & staff attended the NRCS Conservation Priorities meeting in February of 2011.

  • CEC2010Taos SWCD held its annual meeting on March 4, 2011. The meeting theme was “A History of Conservation in Taos County” and the event was attended by approximately 100 people.

  • In March of 2011, Taos SWCD distributed monies to 5 local science fair programs within Taos County. This funding is intended to encourage earth science education and assist exhibitors with experiments and materials.

  • In April of 2011 staff attended the NM Envirothon competition.

  • Taos SWCD promoted District activities on local radio stations in May of 2010. The ads promoted public awareness about Soil & Water Conservation Districts and provided an introduction about the Taos District and its activities and programs.

Taos SWCD spent approximately $62,300 on 21 different conservation education and outreach events during 2010-11.

ClipTaos High School Envirothon Team “The Earthletes” sponsored by Taos SWCD.

Pictured from left to right:

Education coordinator Ernie Lopez, Teacher Carla Chavez, Majdolene Kweis, Zoe Larson, Maya Anthony, Lucia Mondragon, District Manager Peter Vigil, Arriana Chavez.