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“Working Together For A Common Conservation Goal”

The Taos SWCD annual plan of work is developed in the latter part of each fiscal year and establishes guidelines for carrying out both an effective and efficient conservation program. First, critical natural resource issues are identified from questionnaires, surveys and public meetings. Second, resource management strategies are developed to complete specific activities and project objectives. Third, realistic timetables are established and program progress is evaluated. This process is necessary in order for the District to accomplish its mission and is one of inquiry, analysis and observation.

Taos Soil & Water Conservation District relies solely on local tax dollars to fund the following conservation programs and services. NM Legislative appropriations account for only 1% of operating budget revenues. The Taos SWCD Board of Supervisors and Staff operate these programs under the principles of transparency, integrity and accountability and believe that they are essential in order to maintain public trust. It is with this in mind that the District respectfully submits this annual report of activities for your review and comment.